Chapter 3 Question 2

“Something has to break our primary addiction, which is to our own power and our false programs for happiness. Here is the incestuous cycle of the ego: “I want to have power” > “I will take control” >“I will always be right” >“See, I am indeed powerful!” This is the vicious circle of the will to power. It does not create happy people, nor happy people around them.” -Richard Rohr

In Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W. writes that “Our liquor was but a symptom,” a means of both dealing with and masking our primary addiction to self-will. What other symptoms of this “primary addiction to our own power and our own false programs for happiness” do you see in the world? In yourself?


One thought on “Chapter 3 Question 2

  1. I guess where I primarily see this is in Pro sports, politics, and in business. The owner of the company that I work for wants our center to always be on the top of the list of the franchised centers. He is very competitive. I do enjoy competition but not at the cost of exhausted employees and poor morale. I always do my very best for my employer and am loyal. But being on the top of that list does nothing for the company but give bragging rights. It does nothing to help the company grow and puts tremendous pressure on the employees. I see it too with micro-management. Years ago a friend of mine used to tell me to take off my Rose colored glasses. I used to think that everything in my life was perfect as were the people around me and the people around me stoked my ever-growing ego. It took me a very long time to realize I was lying to myself and believing it. I was so consumed. I now see those things in others. I think we sometime create power and ego in others and then it gets out of control. I think it takes a team to make a good decision as many decisions effect many lives. I think that if we drop power and ego, we can all get along better. It seems as if anytime something happens to us, like a building being destroyed, a decision is made to rebuild it, but make it bigger and better. In my perception, that is addiction to power and ego.

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